Thappraya road works



Friday August 19th issue – Mailbag – ‘The Big Dig’ from Stuart Sanders of the Pattaya Progress Association: I think it was in the last issue that there was an article that said City Hall were interested in the underpass but no-one had come up with a plausible plan to prevent flooding.   Quite unusual for City Hall to think of a minor detail like that before actually going ahead, but I digress. Stuarts states, ‘Road development of Thappraya Road, an exercise of only two dimensions (Oh really) has taken something like 4 years & at great expense to Pattaya’s tourism and businesses.’ The last part is certainly very true but where on earth did Stuart get his ‘4 years’ from?

Perhaps that’s just how long he has been living in Pattaya.  Someone in the association should have put him wise as to the actual time it has taken and is still taking, and it is still by no means completed.

So Mr. Stuart you can almost double the 4 years and probably add at least another 2 years, by which time contractors will have to start all over again repairing the shoddily built road and badly laid sidewalks.

A retired road engineer living in Pattaya wrote that the road would not last very long as the road foundations were so basic and unprofessional!

The only true professionals seem to be the Jet-ski scammers and the lovely ladies a lot of tourists come here to meet!

Thank you for an always interesting Pattaya Mail.


Ed’s Note: Construction began in 2005 with a budget of 488 million baht. < >