Zhongce family distributes 500 food packages daily to the needy in Pattaya

On behalf of the Zhongce family, Mrs. Chun Hua hands out food and water to Pattaya’s people in need.

The ongoing economic devastation inflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic on millions of lives is far from over. On the contrary, the infectious situation is getting worse. Who would have thought at this time last year when Thailand had one of the lowest numbers of coronavirus infections that the number would jump up to almost 20,000 cases a day this month?

The way things look, there is no hope of the tourism businesses, or any other business for that matter, recovering in the foreseeable future.

Hundreds if not thousands of businesses in Pattaya are still shut and many more are calling it quits every day. Unemployment numbers are soaring and an alarming number of families are dependent on handouts of food and amenities.

Businesses who could afford to help the poor are now in trouble themselves and are not able to give as much as they would like to.

Hundreds of people line up on Beach Road to receive their food packages and water from the benevolent Zhongce family.

Thankfully, there are some larger organizations that are steadfast in their commitment to helping the poor. They are both Thai and foreign-owned and are committed to aiding as much of the population in Thailand as they possibly can.

On July 24, Mrs. Chun Hua, President of the Rubber Industry Association of CTEA, accompanied by executives of the ZC Rubber Thailand and members of the Zhongce family, in cooperation with Pattaya City Hall, set up a food distribution center in front of Soi 6 on Beach Road, where they distributed 500 boxes of food and necessities to the destitute people in Pattaya and the surrounding communities.

Chun said, “Our family feels very sorry for the people who are suffering because of the pandemic and we want to help as many as we possibly can. Our humanitarian project is named ‘From China with love to the people of Pattaya.’

“We will continue to distribute food packages to the people of Pattaya every day until August 4, 2021.”

The Zhongce family team hands out food and water to needy people.

A grateful woman holds up a handwritten sign which reads, “We thank the rich people of the world for helping us. May you be rewarded with billions in wealth and blessed with unbounded happiness.”

Some people were really hungry and ate their food right there on the Beach Road pavement.

A long line of people moves steadily along Beach Road towards the food distribution point to pick up their relief packages.