Welcome to New Normal


The beginning of 2020 will forever be remembered as the time when a submicroscopic infectious agent called COVID-19, a.k.a. coronavirus, multiplied and spread throughout the globe, killing tens of thousands of people (so far) and forever changing the world we live in. Here in our little corner of earth, the government has activated the country’s Emergency Decree, giving our leaders the power to do whatever is necessary to try and stop the virus from spreading and to try to avoid more death. As of this writing, that means until April 30 social gatherings are strictly discouraged, bars, entertainment venues, movie houses, golf courses, the list goes on and on, are all closed. Non-essential travel, especially between provinces, is all but prohibited with checkpoints at provincial lines looking for and turning back sick people, whether they be sick with coronavirus or not. Just the suspicion is enough to turn people away. Disinfectants are being sprayed all over town, inside and out of buildings. Tourists are subject to having their temperature taken, with many trying to get into the country banned or quarantined upon arrival, and some others already here having a difficult time leaving. The new normal is anything but fun here in Fun City, when social distancing has become part of our nomenclature, although to disobey these rules risks incurring the wrath of others, the spread of the virus, and perhaps even more deaths.