Uncle, nephew busted for cutting fiber-optic wires on Pattaya highway

Nikom Nonkaew and Chaimongkol Aranthong were captured on Highway 7 by Huay Yai and Highway police with 3 million baht worth of stolen fiber-optic cable.

An uncle and nephew team were arrested for allegedly cutting down internet wires for scrap, causing about 3 million baht in damage.

Nikom Nonkaew, 40, and Chaimongkol Aranthong, 30, were captured late Dec. 4 on Highway 7 by Huay Yai and Highway police. They were caught with 3 million baht in fiber-optic cable.

Police first discovered two days earlier that thieves were cutting lines down on the motorway. A check of CCTVs in the area captured the pair driving a motorbike with wire-cutter and cables. The two stashed the cable in the brush until they could come back and collect it.

Police waited where the cables were hidden and caught the pair when they returned.

Police said the pair confessed and said they used the money for drugs and shopping.


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