Truck hits wandering Pattaya toddler breaking her leg

The distressed mother holds her 3-year old daughter whose leg was broken when a pickup truck hit her while backing out of a parking lot.

A 3-year-old broke her leg when she was hit by a pickup truck in Pattaya.

The toddler was screaming was she was sent with her sobbing mother to Banglamung Hospital March 11.

Pickup driver Rattanapol Pimpala, 28, said he had just used an ATM at the scene of the accident and began backing out of the parking lot when he thought he hit a speed bump. Then he heard the girl crying and stopped.

The toddler’s unidentified mother admitted she wasn’t holding her daughter’s hand as she used the ATM herself. She assumed the girl would stay close, not wander off.

The sobbing mother watches as paramedics put a splint on the unfortunate girl’s leg before rushing her off to the Banglamung Hospital.