Tragic fall claims life of French tourist at Pattaya hotel

Medical personnel stand solemnly over the lifeless body of Benjamin Alain Roger, who tragically lost his life after falling from the fourth-floor balcony of his Pattaya hotel room.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A French tourist tragically died after falling from the balcony of his fourth-floor room at the Flipper House in Pattaya in the early morning of November 17. The victim, identified as 43-year-old Mr. Benjamin Alain Roger, plunged from the balcony, colliding with a table adorned with potted plants and sustaining severe head injuries. Despite the dedicated efforts of rescue personnel and medical professionals to revive him, Mr. Roger succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

Hotel staff informed the police that they were alerted by the impactful noise, leading them to investigate the source and discover the unconscious foreign national. Authorities were swiftly notified for assistance. Preliminary examinations by rescue personnel revealed no signs of a struggle or disturbance in Mr. Roger’s room. The precise cause of the fall remains a mystery, prompting authorities to initiate a thorough investigation.
Mr. Roger’s remains have been transferred to Banglamung Hospital for further examination, and authorities await contact from relatives to proceed with funeral arrangements in accordance with his religious customs.