Pregnant woman gives birth at scene of road accident

Paramedics assist in delivering a baby girl roadside after Paveena went into labour following a collision with a motorbike.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A pregnant woman, en route to the hospital for childbirth, unexpectedly delivered her baby at the scene of a collision in Banglamung Sub-district. The incident occurred around 01:00 on November 18.

The collision involved a sedan driven by 33-year-old Ms Paveena Somyot and a motorcycle driven by 52-year-old Sitthichai Dedget. The impact was so forceful that it induced labor in Paveena. Quick-thinking paramedics on the scene assisted in the delivery, ensuring the safe birth of a healthy baby girl by the roadside. Following the birth, both the mother and the newborn were immediately transferred to Banglamung Hospital for further care.

Eyewitnesses recounted that Paveena, driving a blue Honda sedan, collided with a motorcycle as she approached a U-Turn. Both parties involved received emergency medical attention at the accident scene. Authorities conducted an alcohol test on Sitthichai, determining that he was intoxicated.

Local police have initiated an investigation into the incident, gathering evidence and recording statements from witnesses. Sitthichai’s alcohol levels will be considered in the ongoing legal process. Meanwhile, Paveena and her newborn are currently under medical observation at Banglamung Hospital.