Tourists to Pattaya disappointed as Sunday turns into Rainday

Traffic crawls along Sukhumvit Road during heavy rain on Sunday afternoon.

Tourists in Pattaya were very disappointed as their Sunday has become a wasted holiday while the rainfall wasn’t going to stop easily. The rain started at about noon on Sunday while families were getting ready to go to theme parks, beaches, and islands. Some of the boat trips were canceled due to high waves and warnings from the pier officials. The day turned dark the whole afternoon. Many who traveled from Bangkok had to pack their bags and leave the hotels early.

Traveling programs were canceled or luckily postponed to the next weekends while kids are having about a month school break. Those who came from other provinces to enjoy the sea, sand and sun this weekend had to endure with high level of flood water on Sukhumvit road on their way back home. Foreign residents who usually hang out at bars along the beaches kept on doing so and nothing else. Tourists on baht-buses had no other way to protect themselves and got all soaked during the rainfall. The thundershowers will likely stay above Pattaya and the eastern regions for a few more days and there should be less rains and temperature drop from mid-October.

Weather Forecast for Pattaya and Eastern Part
Fairly widespread thundershowers with isolated heavy rains and gusty winds in Nakhon Nayok, Prachinburi, Sa Kaeo, Chachoengsao, Chonburi (Pattaya), Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat. Minimum temperature 23-25 °C. Maximum temperature 31-33 °C. Easterly winds 15-35 km/hr. Wave height 1-2 meters and about 2 meter in thundershowers.

During 9 – 10 Oct, scattered to fairly widespread thundershowers with isolated heavy rains and gusty wind. Easterly winds 15-35 km/hr. Wave height 1 – 2 meter and about 2 meter in thundershowers.

During 11 – 15 Oct, isolated thundershowers with 1 – 3 °C drop in temperature and isolated heavy rains during 13 – 14 Oct. Northeasterly winds 15-30 km/hr. Wave height about 1 meter and above 1 meter in thundershowers. Minimum temperature 23-27 °C. Maximum temperature 29-34 °C.

7 days Weather Forecast.

Weather Warning
Variable Weather in upper Thailand and Heavy Rains in South
No. 2 Time Issued October 9, 2022

From 9 to 14 October, the moderate strong high-pressure system will extend to upper Thailand, leading to thundershowers with isolated gusty winds and heavy rains from 9 to 11 October. Thereafter, temperatures will decrease by 3-5 degree Celsius in the Northeast but 1-3 degree Celsius in the North, the Central and the East. People should beware of variable weather and keep healthy.

The easterly wind across the Gulf of Thailand and the South will strengthen with heavy to very heavy rains in the South from 9 to 11 October.

4 Weeks Weather Forecast.


Sukhumvit Road turns into Sukhumvit River.

Officials get the tow-truck ready on Sukhumvit Road.

Traffic police divert traffic away from the flooded Sukhumvit Road.