Toddler’s leg stuck in sewer grate for 3 hours in Chonburi

The still upset but relived mother holds her 3-year-old son after he was set free from the manhole after 3 hours.

A 3-year-old got his leg stuck in a sewer grate for three hours, but emerged no worse for wear.

The toddler was scared and crying, but uninjured, in the Oct. 6 incident in the Huay Krapi area of Chonburi’s Muang District.

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Rescuers from the Thamratsamee Maneerat Foundation cut apart the manhole cover to free the boy who got his leg stuck while playing outside with friends.

Neighbors complained that many of the sewer grates in the area are broken, with people putting feet or bicycle tires through them.

Residents point to the drainage system’s cover, complaining that the wide-spaced grating has caused serious injury to people who accidentally put their foot through it.