Teen stabbed in jealous rage at 7-11 Jomtien Complex Pattaya

Paramedics attend to Kritsana Charunrak, treating him for a stab wound to his left shoulder inflicted by a jealous boyfriend at a 7-11 store in the Jomtien complex.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A 19-year-old convenience store employee was stabbed while working behind the counter at a 7-11 store in the Jomtien Complex. The assailant fled the scene immediately after the attack, leaving the victim wounded and in distress.

Recalling the harrowing event, the Kritsana Charunrak described how the attacker leaped over the counter and stabbed him in the left shoulder before making a swift escape. The motive behind the assault remained a mystery until the suspect was apprehended by the police.

Identified as 16-year-old Jiranawat, the suspect confessed to the assault during police questioning. He revealed that jealousy fuelled his actions, believing the victim was secretly communicating with his girlfriend. Enraged by this suspicion, he resorted to violence, culminating in the stabbing.

Initial investigations into the incident were led by Pol. Capt. Chonlawit Athiphansi, Deputy Inspector of Pattaya City Police. The suspect was promptly taken into custody for further interrogation and will face legal charges commensurate with his crime.