Swiss man critically injured in Pattaya scooter collision; police inaction criticised

CCTV footage captures the moment of impact as an Isuzu crashes into Andeks Geisbuhler’s electric three-wheel scooter, hurling him onto the road where he lay critically injured in a pool of blood.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A 73-year-old Swiss citizen is in critical condition after his electric three-wheel scooter was struck by a white Isuzu car at an intersection on the Railroad parallel road in east Pattaya on April 19. Andeks Geisbuhler was swiftly transported to Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital for emergency treatment. Medical professionals have declared his condition critical, necessitating ongoing close monitoring and care.

The incident has sparked controversy, with Mrs. Samrit Geisbuhler, Mr. Geisbuhler’s wife, denouncing the lack of support and assistance from both the driver of the car involved and the authorities. Mrs. Geisbuhler filed a formal complaint, pointing to negligence on the part of the driver and expressing frustration over the absence of police intervention to ascertain fault or facilitate dialogue between the parties.

Mrs. Samrit Geisbuhler provides reporters with a clear view of the CCTV footage capturing the harrowing collision, denouncing the lack of assistance from both the driver of the car and the authorities.

CCTV footage captured the collision, providing unequivocal evidence of the events leading to Geisbuhler’s severe injuries. Mrs. Geisbuhler disclosed that her husband had ventured out on his scooter to purchase medication before the accident happened. Upon learning of the collision, she hastened to the scene, only to discover her husband lying injured in a pool of blood.

Despite the escalating medical expenses, which have already surpassed 200,000 baht, which is being unilaterally shouldered by the insurance company, Mrs. Geisbuhler voiced apprehension that the case might languish with the authorities without adequate attention and resolution.

With Geisbuhler’s health teetering on the brink, Mrs. Geisbuhler is fervently seeking media attention to illuminate the incident and demand justice. She ardently believes that heightened public awareness will compel the authorities to take decisive action and hold the culpable parties accountable for their actions.