Speeding car falls into Pattaya highway ditch; breaking driver’s legs

The Isuzu pickup lies on its side trapped in the deep ditch-divide between the highway lanes.

A motorists broke both legs when he overshot a curve and landed in a ditch in the center of Sukhumvit Highway near the Banglamung Home for the Aged in North Pattaya.

Rescue crews had to cut the unidentified man out of his Isuzu pickup following the May 5 crash.  He was transported to Banglamung Hospital.

Police recovered CCTV footage that clearly showed the speeding driver overshooting a curve and slamming into two telephone poles before careening into a deep ditch that divides the highway lanes.

The ill-fated driver of the pickup truck is pulled out of the wreckage and given emergency treatment before being sent off to Banglamung Hospital.