Speed detection cameras tested on Pattaya highway traffic

Traffic police technicians conducted tests on their new speed cameras on the walkway bridge at Rong Mai Keed Junction.

Pattaya and Banglamung traffic police jointly tested their new speed cameras on Sukhumvit highway on June 2. The speed cameras were installed on the walkway bridge at Rong Mai Keed Junction (before the Highway 36 turn off) pointing at outbound traffic driving towards Chonburi.

Highway technicians set up their surveillance systems on the bridge to monitor the flow and speed of passing traffic. Police will collect and analyze data from these tests before embarking on the Safe Driving campaign planned for later in the year.

Once the tests are completed and the results carefully analyzed, the speed detecting cameras will be initially installed at two locations. One at the Rong Mai Keed Junction and the second in front of Pattaya City School No. 3 near the Banglamung police station.

The speed cameras are capable of monitoring and recording offenders who don’t stop for pedestrians at crosswalks, illegal parking, not obeying traffic signs and changing lanes erratically. The speed cameras are also able to record license plate numbers to easily track traffic law-breakers.

Pol.Maj. Jakkrit Jantakum observes as technicians monitor the flow and speed of traffic along Sukhumvit Road.

Pol.Maj. Jakkrit Jantakum, Traffic Inspector at Banglamung Police Station said that the speed limit around Pattaya and Banglamung is 80 km/hr. We anticipate that once the drivers know that their speeds and driving habits are being monitored they will drive more carefully and stay within the speed limit.

He said that the authorities are concerned about the lives and wellbeing of the public, so they are innovating and modernizing their equipment to be in line with the state-of-the-art Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) technology such as CCTV cameras which send images and sound to the command center for immediate online surveillance and supervision.