Sneaky python silently feasts on 200 quails at Pattaya aviary

Snake catchers skilfully capture the gluttonous reptile who was silently feasting on at least 200 quails at a Pattaya aviary.

Disaster aid personnel answered a distress call from a resident in Nongprue on May 24, who reported that a large snake was in his compound and had eaten a large number of his birds.

Upon their arrival, the responders saw an assortment of bird cages and aviaries, housing various species, including a significant number of quail birds in the compound. The homeowner, visibly anxious, pointed out the cause of his concern – a huge snake coiled up in the grass near the bamboo grove.

The python appeared sluggish, having gorged itself and was unable to move. Using their expertise and special equipment, the officials skilfully captured the snake in a matter of minutes. Weighing an estimated 30-40 kilograms and measuring over 2 meters in length, the python was securely placed in a bag, to be taken away and released back into the wild.

Chainarong Kongluang, 24, owner of the aviary, said that he had noticed a gradual decline in the number of quail birds in the cages. He estimated that at least 200 had mysteriously vanished. Suspecting theft, he decided to conduct his own investigation, only to be shocked to discover that the true culprit was none other than the formidable python. Unbeknownst to him, the snake had been silently preying on the ducklings and birds, indulging in secret feasts without detection for quite some time.

The owner of the Pattaya aviary said that the python must have eaten at least 200 quails in the cages.