Skinny dipping German tourist shocks Pattaya beachgoers

After skinny dipping in the sea, Herr Wilhelm Weinmann strolls along the beach exposing himself to one and all.

A naked German man shocked tourists by parading around Pattaya Beach.

Wilhelm Weinmann, 63, strolled along Pattaya Beach and played in the water like nothing was wrong. Of course, Pattaya is not a nude beach and nudity is illegal.

Police stood on shore and implored the naked swimmer to come in, but he refused. Police waited him out and about 15 minutes later he plodded on to the sand, grabbed his clothes and tried to walk away.

Police weren’t going to let that happen, so they made him dress and hauled him in to Pattaya Police Station.

Not heeding the policemen’s request to get dressed, the officers decided to tackle the German and put a pair of pants on him before sending him off to the police station.