Sinlaku brings seafood buffet to Pattaya-Jomtien beaches

Pattaya and Jomtien residents rushed to the beaches to gather thousands of shellfish and green mussels washed ashore by tropical storm Sinlaku.

Pattaya residents took advantage of storm-churned seas to scoop up shellfish washed up on Jomtien Beach.

The waves whipped up by tropical storm Sinlaku brought a tide of green mussels to Jomtien and people looking for free seafood flocked to pick them up.

A girl is fascinated by the awesome sight of thousands of mussels on the beach.

Resident Jaruwan Taweesarancheun said she heard the news about the mussels and brought her entire family to scoop them out of the sand. They also took home razor, ridged Venus and hard clams.

The kilograms of free seafood they gathered would have cost them plenty in local markets. The shellfish will feed her family for a couple of days, she said.

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Another seafood scooper said she planned not to eat them herself but sell the mussels for 25-30 baht.

A Jomtien Beach vendor said it’s not unheard of for storms to bring in waves of mussels and clams, but it doesn’t happen often. She speculated the stormy seas wrecked a mussel farm somewhere along the Chonburi coast, carrying the shellfish to area beaches.

Pattaya Beach also saw a smaller buffet of mussels and clams, but the best picking was on Jomtien.

Already a bucket full of green mussels and the owner has gone to pick up some more.


It was a rare occurrence which brought some happiness to the residents in the area.


Residents were quick to set up shop selling the green mussels for 25-30 baht.

Grandma is thoroughly pleased with her bagful of mussels collected from the beach.
Word spread like wildfire and people from all walks of life swarmed the beaches collecting mussels to their hearts delight.

People were in a holiday mood as if on a treasure hunt picking up thousands of green mussels from the beach.