Shots fired by antagonistic youth gang on Pattaya Beach

Rival student gangs met after midnight on Pattaya Beach to settle their differences over a girl. One gang fired shots into the air to intimidate their adversaries.

Police are hunting for street-racing vocational students who fired a gun on Pattaya Beach.

Three shots rang out on the beach near the Pattaya Police Station around 1 a.m. Sept. 28. When officers investigated, they saw about 20 teenagers, some still in school uniforms despite the late hour, trying to stroll out of the area. They didn’t make it.

A 16-year-old student at a vocational school in the Pattaya area told police he and his buddies had a beef over a girl with another group from a rival school. They met up on Pattaya Beach after midnight to settle their differences, which he thought they had.

But as the summit was breaking up, several members of the rival gang rode up on illegally modified motorbikes, stopped and one biker fired three shots into the air before driving off. The crowd scattered.

Police recovered two shells at the scene but said they believed the shots fired were blanks. Nonetheless, possessing and firing the gun are serious crimes and officers planned to track down the gunman.

Police search the area for evidence where they found two shells which they believe to be blanks.


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