Short-lived ‘Pattaya Wall’ aimed at keeping Na Jomtien beach vendors out

Pattaya city erected the steel fence to prevent vendors from the Na Jomtien side to set up their illegal stands on the Pattaya side.

It wasn’t exactly the Berlin Wall, but a sheet-metal fence erected for a day on Pattaya’s oceanfront border with Na Jomtien Subdistrict sparked both curiosity and concern.

Visiting the area at Jomtien Soi 19 June 28, Pattaya Mayor Poramet Ngampichet said the temporary fence, which was taken down, Tuesday, was to assist Na Jomtien administrators in their efforts to evict illegal vendors from Na Jomtien Beach.

The eviction of the dozens of vendors who had occupied the beachfront, rent-free, for the past two years might have prompted vendors to move into Pattaya Beach instead, Poramet said. The city wanted to make it clear that wasn’t allowed.

Na Jomtien officials took the hard line on vendors who took over the sand and sidewalk after informing them that the Covid-19 pandemic leniency had come to an end. They legally could not be allowed to encroach on public property any longer.

You are leaving the Na Jomtien Sector and entering the Pattaya Sector. Vendors forbidden, Obey traffic rules.

Pattaya always has banned freelance vendors from setting up food, beverage and trinket stalls on the beach. Parcels for beach-chair vendors and massage permits are highly controlled.

The fence put up on the Na Jomtien border was simply to reinforce that, Poramet said.

Tourists seemed befuddled at the Pattaya Wall while others worried it would hurt tourism.

Having made their point, Pattaya City officials removed the fences allowing people to freely travel across the Pattaya-Na Jomtien border gain.