Shamed over neglecting lighthouse, Pattaya cleans up mess

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai directs cleanup teams to spruce up dirty and dilapidated Pattaya lighthouse park.

A day after photos of a dirty and dilapidated Pattaya lighthouse park went viral, city hall cleaned up the mess.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai escorted a cleanup crew to the site Sept. 30 to pick up garbage and spruce up the landscape. The deputy mayor also said the city will prepare a budget to fix and improve the scenery, including the collapsed footpath.

With no tourists visiting the Pattaya lighthouse for the past 16 months, city hall apparently had given up maintaining the area, hoping no one would notice.

The once scenic park sidewalks are now broken and potholed. The trees are shriveled and dry, with broken limbs scattered along the footpaths. Mud slid from the hillsides across the concrete onto the beach. Plastic bags and other garbage littered the sand.

Many repairs remain to bring the once-popular tourist attraction back to life.