Seasonal rain brings water-starved Pattaya reservoir back to life

Looking across the serene Mabprachan reservoir at dusk, one can see the rising water level.

Since before the rainy season this year, the water level in Pattaya’s Mabprachan reservoir had dropped to less than 20% of its full capacity.

To supply water usage demand in Pattaya and its surroundings, the provincial waterworks had to channel water from nearby water sources into the main reservoir.

To further save and reduce consumption, pressure in the supply mains was lowered to limit the flow of water to the communities.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, water consumption was reduced considerably as hundreds of shops, apartments, hotels and industries ceased operations, the situation enhanced by unemployed people migrating back to their hometowns.

The purpose-built exercise track is used by thousands of residents every day.

During this period, residential complaints about water shortages were scarce. But in reality, the water level in the reservoir had reached a critical stage where large stretches of dry ground appeared, overgrown with grass and brushes.

The critical situation took a turn for the better when the authorities announced during their August 31 inspection that, due to the heavy rainfall in the past few weeks, the water level had risen to 60% of capacity.

In an unrelated matter, although citizens are encouraged to stay home and avoid crowded areas during the pandemic, the area around the Mabprachan reservoir remains one of the most popular spots for physical exercise. Every day during the late afternoon and early evening, people of all ages can be seen walking, jogging, bicycling, skateboarding and rollerblading.

Grass and wild brush grows wild on the bed and banks of the almost dried-up reservoir.

Bicyclists and joggers share the exercise track around the Mabprachan reservoir (lake).