Rival Pattaya Beach vendors settle dispute with gun

Pongsakorn Anuyahong (right) reported to Pattaya police saying that a rival speedboat operator threatened him with a 9 mm. handgun during an argument over who gets the customer.

A fight over customers between two groups of beach vendors resulted in one pulling a gun on the other.

Boat rental agent Pongsakorn Anuyahong, 21, said he was threatened Nov. 24 on Pattaya Beach at Soi 1 by beachchair renter Supawit Nongyai, 20, who was brandishing a 9 mm. handgun. The gun was not fired and no one was injured.

Pongsakorn said he got into a dispute with another group after Supawit told one of his customers that he could rent a speedboat from him. Pongsakorn, who rents boats, objected, saying that it should have been his customer. Cooler heads did not prevail.

Police are investigating.

Disputes over customer-grabbing incidents amongst speedboat operators are quite common. This file photo shows Maritime officers inspecting speedboats for irregularities on Pattaya Beach.


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