Quick cleanup restores Pattaya beaches after busy Loy Krathong

The city sent out a team at dawn Sunday to clean up the tons of leftover krathongs and garbage left on the beach overnight.

Quick and intensive cleaning returned Pattaya-area beaches to pristine condition after a Loy Krathong that was considered a relative success, given the challenges Thailand faces.

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Large numbers of people flocked to Pattaya, Jomtien and Wong Amat beaches as well as Bali Hai Pier on Saturday to launch their flowery krathongs decorated with incense, candles and coin offerings.

Heavy equipment was brought in to assist the cleanup.

Krathong vendors said sales dropped compared with last year due to the lack of foreign tourists and a battered economy that has Thais pinching their pennies.

Sunday morning, a relative army of city workers spread out to retrieve the krathongs that washed back ashore, along with the bottles, paper plates, leftover food and other rubbish holiday revelers left behind.

Pattaya environmental chief Suthee Thapnonghee said the cleanup plan was laid before the weekend as, despite incessant publicity not to litter, he knew many inconsiderate people would.

Workers scoured and shifted the sand to remove garbage that spoils the atmosphere and poses a danger to beach-goers, like broken glass, joss sticks, candles, bottle caps, cigarette butts and burnt firecrackers.

Of course, smoking on the beach and firecracker use supposedly was illegal. (PCPR)

One never knows what treasures lie in wait.


Cleaned up and ready for tourists, if any ever come back.