Protruding iron rods on highway impales tires and driver’s head

Rescue workers give the unidentified hapless driver first aid and transported him to the nearest hospital.

Iron rod protruding from a Sattahip roadway punctured a motorist’s tired and then his skull.

The condition of the unidentified man was unknown after the Nov. 14 accident on Sukhumvit Road near Sunee Hardware in Taotan Subdistrict of Sattahip. But, the following morning, the dangerous rods left sticking out of the concrete road, were still there waiting for its next victim.

A friend of the injured motorist said he was driving his Nakhon Pathom-registered Toyota to Sattahip when he ran over the rod, puncturing a front and rear wheel. Then, when he got out of the car to see what happened, the driver stumbled and fell onto the rod, impaling his head.

Rescue workers administered first aid and sent him to a hospital in Sattahip for treatment.

The iron rods sticking out of the unfinished concrete road impaled the front and rear tires of this Toyota sedan ripping them to shreds.

Hundreds of unprotected steel rods protruding from the unfinished highway are proving to be very hazardous to life and limb.