Pouting Pattaya drunk climbs cell tower to spite wife

Stress drives people to do crazy things sometimes. It’s impossible to know the circumstances that led to this, but the spark that ignited Chalong Promsen to climb into a communication pole was his wife not taking him to the market.

A drunk cook climbed a Pattaya cellphone tower because his wife wouldn’t drive him to the market.

Firefighters with a basket truck responded Sept. 13 to the 17-meter-high antenna tower on Soi Tungkom Tanman 25 where Chalong Promsen, 53, was scaling the superstructure to the top.

Authorities’ tried to talk him down, but being both inebriated and middle-aged, Chalong couldn’t get down once he got up.
Officers climbed up, tied a rope around Chalong and rappelled down.

The tower-climber told police he tried to persuade his wife to go to the market, but she refused. So the man-child pouted and climbed up the tower to get attention.

Rescue workers from the local fire station climb the structure to talk Chalong down.

Unable to climb down himself, the rescue team lowers Chalong via ropes and pulleys.