Perp clubbed after stabbing Family Mart staff in the neck

Nopanan Kumsit lays injured on the floor after he was clubbed in the head by a motorbike taxi driver who came to the assistance of two store clerks who were stabbed in the neck.

Two convenience store clerks were injured when a Thai man went berserk with a knife.

Nopanan Kumsit, 53, was arrested after being clubbed by Jarat Wongsunthon, 55, a motorbike-taxi driver who came to the clerks’ defense at the Family Mart around 5:30 a.m. March 19.

The two unidentified employees were treated at a nearby hospital for knife wounds to the neck. Nopanan, hit in the head, was taken to Pattaya Hospital.

No motive for the attack on the clerks was not disclosed.

Motorbike-taxi driver Jarat Wongsunthon holds the broken wooden club that he used to hit the criminal who knifed the Family Mart staff.