Pattaya’s 1st ladyboy bar will survive Covid-19, resolute landlady says

Exotic shows are comparable to the finest cabarets anywhere.

Pattaya’s first ladyboy bar has seen more than its share of challenges since opening almost two decades ago. But the owner of TJ’s Music Bar says she will survive the coronavirus pandemic and that Pattaya will bounce back.

Sangduen Permenter, owner of the Naklua Soi 18 cabaret, said that since she opened in 2003, the popular venue for charity organizations and tour groups used to take in hundreds of thousands of baht a day. It survived two coups, anti-government riots, flooding and more, but Covid-19 has been the most-daunting challenge.

Sangduen said income has fallen to minimal levels, but TJ’s will survive, as it has regular expat customers and still is a place that can host charity shows and concerts for groups from service and charity organizations.

She believes that Pattaya will bounce back and TJ’s theater will be full again.

Sangduen Permenter, (4th left) poses with her bevy of ladyboy beauties at TJ’s Music Bar.


Sangduen hosts celebrations for all occassions for her ‘family’ at TJ’s Music Bar.

1. Guests and staff love to celebrate their birthdays at TJ’s Music bar.