Pattaya woman arrested in murder of philandering husband

Police officers and a forensics team enter the house where they found the body of the Burin Bumrungpol allegedly slashed to death by his jealous wife.

Pattaya-area police arrested a jealous wife who allegedly stabbed her cheating husband to death.

Aranya Sermsub, 24, was taken into custody May 4 at a local hospital where she was being treated for wounds sustained in the overnight attack on her husband, Burin Bumrungpol, 23.

Burin’s nude, bloody body was found by neighbors at the couple’s townhouse at Mix Chalet Village 4. He had been stabbed and slashed more than 10 times to the chest, neck and face. Blood was spattered across the bathroom he was found with blood trails leading from the upper floor to the front gate, which was locked from the outside.

Neighbor Kritsana Fuksukjit, 34, said a distraught Aranya had called on May 3 to say that she saw her husband in a car with another woman. He then messaged her to tell her to stay home until seven when he’d return. She replied, demanding he come back immediately.

After midnight, Kritsana got a call from Aranya’s aunt, asking her to check on Burin, as Aranya allegedly told her father she’d killed her husband.

She and fellow neighbor Yod Paklumjiek, 42, broke the lock on the gate and found the body.

Kritsana said the couple had been married three years and had two children, ages three and 18 months. She said they quarreled often.

Police alleged Aranya killed her husband in a jealous rage after suspecting him of having an affair.