Pattaya vendors bemoan city hall’s broken promises to finish Central Road

Street vendors set up their meager stalls among the rubble and dangerous sidewalks of Central Pattaya Road.

Street vendors on Pattaya Central Road are still cursing the contractors who were hired to rebuild the road including the sidewalks during Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome’s administration. Two years on and the work which involved digging up the road to bury electric and communication cables underground is still unfinished.

Residents and shop owners in and around Mae Wilai Market are exasperated and fed-up of the city’s promises to finish the project as soon as possible.

One vendor at the market said, “The tattered sidewalks are not only an eyesore but are very dangerous to life and limb. Residents and tourists avoid walking in this area because they are afraid that they will get hurt, causing tremendous harm to our businesses and livelihood.”

Another citizen said, “Pattaya is a world class destination and we see the city administrators spend hundreds of millions of baht to organize concerts and other fancy festivals. But they are not capable of finishing a simple job for which they have already paid millions to the irresponsible contractors. This is a disgrace”

“We implore the city fathers to please look after our safety and wellbeing. We work tirelessly everyday to feed our families and all we ask for is that you play your part by quickly resolving this situation, as you promised when you came to us to vote for you.”

No one in their right mind would risk serious injury by walking on this disheveled sidewalk to go shopping on Central Pattaya Road.


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