Pattaya to request use of forestry land for Koh Larn incinerator

Pattaya Council Chairman Anan Angkanawisai chairs the city council meeting to approve a 50 million baht budget for Pattaya Hospital.

Pattaya will request the Royal Forestry Department to allow the city to build a waste incinerator on its land on Koh Larn.

The Pattaya City Council on Sept. 21 gave the go-ahead for the formal request, marking the first real step toward building the long-discussed incinerator.

The request will be for the use of the land for an initial five years.

The council also renewed the 50-million-baht contract for operation of the Pattaya Hospital, which is run under an annual city outsourcing deal.

Pattaya will also ask permission from the Royal Forestry Department to build a garbage incinerator on Koh Larn.