Pattaya temple moves 10,000-ton sermon hall

The 30-year-old sermon hall at Wat Sutthawat was moved 30 meters to its new location.

It’s not every day you see a 10,000-ton sermon hall move.

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But that’s what 300 Pattaya residents got to do Aug. 14 as Sutthawat Temple had Warinthorn Construction Co. pick up and move the main building 30 meters.

Pra Maha Tavorn Tanawaro, Abbot of Wat Sutthawat and Deputy Dean of Banglamung District, leads 9 monks to chant holy prayers during the delicate operation.

Abbot Tavorn Tanawaro led nine monks in chanting prayers to bless the operations and that the contractor would succeed in their difficult task without causing any damage.

The abbot said the building needed to be moved to provide more space for temple activities.

Warinthorn executives said moving a 10,000-ton temple is not to be taken lightly. Workers used 23 hydraulic lifts to raise the hall. The entire relocation project should be complete within a week at a cost of 32 million baht.

Workers monitor the massive structure’s move very carefully every centimeter of the way.

The whole structure is lifted and placed on rolling rods for the move.


32 hydraulic lifts are used to lift the 10,000-ton structure.

Residents in the area pray as monks chant Holy Scriptures during the delicate operation.