Pattaya sidewalk motorcycles fall into massive sinkhole

Passersby helped to pull out these two bikes from their watery grave.

A motorcyclist who had parked his bike on the sidewalk got a bit of karmic payback when his vehicle plunged into a hole caused by a collapsed water pipe.

The unidentified driver wasn’t the only motorbike owner to see their vehicles fall into the huge hole front of Viriyah Insurance Co. on Sukhumvit Road Oct. 28. Two motorcycles parked there also ended up in the sinkhole.

Other unsuspecting bikers riding on the footpath also fell into the hole sustaining injuries.

Working nearby, Pakaphan Boonlarb, 26, said she called the Provincial Waterworks Authority many times, but no one picked up the phone.

Water poured continuously out of the broken pipe, washing away the sidewalk’s foundation, causing it to subside, and created a hazardous puddle on Sukhumvit.

At press time the Provincial Waterworks had still not fixed the broken pipe nor repaired the sidewalk.