Pattaya restaurants give away surplus food before closing dining rooms

Diners enjoy free meals at Krua Na Korn on the last day of their opening before they are forced to close for 2 weeks.

Pattaya restaurants gave away free food after being told they could only offer takeout or delivery.

July 19 was the last day dining rooms could remain open. Many restaurateurs decided to close entirely rather than try to survive on takeout and delivery orders, particularly as large food-delivery platforms charge commissions as high as 45 percent, leaving few profits for operators.

Rather than throw away their stock, some restaurants just gave away the leftover food.

Suchada Kaewkao, owner of the Krua Na Korn south curry restaurant, said that most of her customers prefer dine-in. She said Krua Na Korn will close completely for two weeks and she will re-evaluate whether to open for takeout then.

If the government is forcing restaurants to close, it should compensate owners, Suchada said.

Suchada Kaewkao gives away all her precious food for free, so she doesn’t have to throw it away before reluctantly closing.

Suchada said that the government is forcing restaurants to close, so it is only fair that they compensate us for our loss and suffering.