Pattaya woman claims self-defense in stabbing of abusive boyfriend

Medics desperately try to save the severely injured man’s life, but in vain.

A Pattaya woman said she stabbed her abusive boyfriend to death in self-defense.

Nutchthida Sombatwong, 28, was arrested at her Nongprue home July 17, a bloody 20-centimeter nearby. At the foot of the stairs in the two-story house laid Anuwat Ratchawong, 26, dead with a single stab wound to the heart.

Police said Nutchthida confessed to stabbing Anuwat, but only to protect herself. She said she told her lover she was ending their relationship and an argument ensued. Anuwat – who she said had continually abused her – began hitting her again.

She grabbed the knife and ran upstairs. Anuwat followed and caught up, attacking her more fiercely. She stabbed him in self-defense, she told police.

Anuwat staggered down the stairs and collapsed.

Nutchthida Sombatwong is in a state of shock after realizing that she had just killed a man.