Pattaya residents thank health workers with Thai Isan feast

A Pattaya City Hospital worker receives his bag of Isan food while other medical staff mingle around enjoying their short respite from caring for the sick.

The dedication and sacrifices of health workers in Pattaya’s hospitals and medical clinics have not gone unnoticed, as residents in many communities express their admiration and gratitude for their hard work by offering them moral support in many forms.

On Sept. 28, residents of the Soi Korpai community expressed their appreciation for health workers at Pattaya City Hospital by setting up food stalls serving 500 sets of Isan (northeastern) delicacies such as herbal fried chicken with sticky rice, somtum-Thai style, somtum with salted crab and aromatic fermented fish with boiled eggs.

Not only did the medical staff get to enjoy their favourite northeastern lunch, but hundreds of people who were at the hospital to get their Covid-19 vaccinations also received portions of Thailand’s beloved spicy food to take home with them.

An expert Isan cook shows off her world-renowned mouth-burning somtum, prepared in a Thai mortar.

A hospital health worker gratefully receives two large bags full of Isan food.

Soi Korphai community members pose in front of their portable kitchen during the charity Isan Somtum Cookout.