Pattaya replaces lighting in Sukhumvit-Central Road tunnel

Most of the lights in the Central Road tunnel are burnt out which is hazardous to motorists driving through it in almost total darkness.

Pattaya replaced burned-out lightbulbs in the Central Road bypass tunnel amid complaints motorists were driving in the dark.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai said Oct. 2 that repeated storms that caused power surges and blackouts, shortening the life of the bulbs in public lamps, including those inside the tunnel.

Pattaya received 100 high-powered bulbs specifically made for the underpass. Those not used will be kept in reserve, Manote said.

Work began on Sept. 30 and will continue through Oct. 9, with lanes closed temporarily for worker safety.

Pattaya City has begun to replace the lights and parts of the tunnel are brightly lit again.


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