Rotarians and students join sanitation workers to clean up Jomtien Beach

Members of the Rotary Club Pattaya International together with school children perform community service by helping to clean up Jomtien Beach.

More than 100 students, Rotarians and Pattaya sanitation workers cleaned Jomtien Beach of plastic and other litter.

The monthly Rotary Club of Pattaya International activity led by Charter President Jana Keightley saw members join students from Ban Sunsaray School, International School Eastern Seaboard (ISE) and Pattaya School No. 5 together with volunteers from Sunplay Asia spread out along the beach, retrieving plastic waste, glass bottles, snack bags, wood scraps and other garbage.

The Rotary club organizes the monthly cleanup to conserve the environment, improve Pattaya’s image and prevent plastic waste from getting ground into small pieces and embedded in the soil.

Students from Pattaya School No. 5 pick up garbage and other debris along the stretch of Jomtien Beach.

President Jan Keightley together with Capt. Jack Sparrow were among the group f Rotarians performing the beach clean-up operations.

After a hard day’s work of picking up garbage on the beach, students and Rotarians gather to celebrate with a group photograph.


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