Pattaya providing 30,000 sandbags for flood prevention during rainy season

Pattaya city has initially acquired over 30,000 sandbags for distribution to residents living in flood-prone areas in and around the city.

With the upcoming rainy season and the inevitable flooding throughout the city, Mayor Poramet Ngampichet instructed the Public Health Department to ensure that residents get enough sand bags to place around their properties to prevent flood waters from flowing into their homes and damaging their properties.

Initially the city acquired over 30,000 sandbags for distribution. On June 1, truckloads of sand and bags were distributed to residents living in flood-prone areas in and around the city.

Residents who need sandbags to protect their homes can collect them from the Wastewater Treatment Plant, in Soi Nongyai in east Pattaya. Please present your ID card or a copy for verification purposes. Those who are unable to collect the sandbags themselves, the city will provide home delivery services based on a queue system.

Contact 096-9387359 or 083-1352449, or reach out to the emergency hotline 1337 MAX to arrange for delivery. Pattaya City assures the residents that the delivery of sandbags to their doorsteps is free of charge.

A Pattaya resident happily carries away one of many sandbags to place around his property to prevent flooding in his home.