Pattaya pot dealer bashes Indians after failed extortion attempt

Police and a rescue worker examine the wound on the Indian tourist’s head inflicted by an angry ganja seller on Walking Street.

An Indian tourist learned the hard way not to sit in a pot dealer’s chair.

Police arrived on Walking Street at 3 a.m. Nov. 14 to find tourists fighting with a marijuana seller at his booth. Officers broke up the brawl and hauled everyone to the Tourist Police Assistance Point down the road. Police administered first aid to two of the visitors who were bleeding from head wounds.

The grass slinger said the Indians had bought ice cream from a shop near his stall and sat down on chairs and his table, knocking off some of the weed containers, damaging them. The seller asked the astronomical sum of 90,000 baht compensation for his few thousand baht in wacky weed and, naturally, a fight broke out.

The Thais hit two Indians with bottles. Police hauled the 3 Indian tourists and one ganja seller to the police station for further interrogation before justice could be meted out.

A tourist policeman interrogates the weed seller about the alleged extortion and assault while an Indian tourist’s wounded head is bandaged up by a paramedic.

A second Indian tourists suffered a deep gash on his forehead after the Thai ruffian hit him with a bottle.