Pattaya police will check on cars left at home by holiday travelers

Pattaya residents can leave their cars in the care of Pattaya police who will regularly check on their vehicles while they are out of town.

Pattaya residents leaving the area for holidays can ask Pattaya police to keep an eye on their cars.

Pol. Lt. Col. Arut Sapanon briefed residents of South Pattaya’s Soi Korpai Community on the “leave your car with police” project, even though, in fact, no cars are left with police.

Instead, people leaving their vehicles behind while traveling can register with the Pattaya Police Station and officers will make patrol stops to check on vehicles parked in garages or in front of houses.

The program is an extension of the long-running project to register for patrol stops to check on houses while left vacant.

A resident registers his car with Pol. Lt. Col. Arut Sapanon before going out of town.

Neighborhood President Wirat Joyjinda said locals would like to see police use their many checkpoints to inspect vehicle ownership to cut the number of stolen cars and motorbikes.

Meanwhile, Wirat suggested, police should also use their checkpoints to check for major crimes – stolen vehicles, drugs and guns – and back off the petty fines for not wearing helmets during these tough economic times.

Given Thailand’s heinous road-death rate, Arut made no commitment on not ticketing over helmets.