Pattaya police still not fooled by Jomtien bar disguised as ‘art gallery’

People jumped fences and ran out the back to get away from the police raid on the Ma Ha Na art gallery and cafe on Jomtien Second Road.

For the second time in three weeks, Pattaya police raided an illegal bar masquerading as an art gallery.

More than 100 patrons ran for the exits as officers arrived after legal alcohol-serving hours at Ma Ha Na art gallery and café on Jomtien Second Road Jan. 14.

When the dancing stopped, Thai tourists and foreign expats jumped fences to escape, leaving cigarettes still burning in the ashtrays.

About 100 people also were packed into Ma Ha Na around 1 a.m. Dec. 26 when police busted up an illegal Christmas party at the “art gallery” where study of the human form apparently was on the agenda. The back of the building was decorated and divided into many rooms on both sides like a hotel. Each room had a large bed.

As police came in through the front door, patrons escaped out the back.

Another escapee exits stage right.