Pattaya police nab 3 Egyptians for cellphone theft from guesthouse

Pattaya police arrested the three Egyptian conmen for stealing 2 cell phones from the front desk of a guest house while the receptionist was upstairs showing a room to two of the accomplices.

Three Egyptians were arrested for allegedly conspiring to steal two mobile phones from a Pattaya guesthouse.
Yasser Zaki Mohamed Ismail, 41, Ali Elsayed Attia Hussein, 46, and Mamdouh Abouamer Badawy, 45, were captured at The Panowla Residence on Soi 13/2 Nov. 7.

The receptionist at a Soi 9 guesthouse, Siriwan Sangarun, 43, complained to police Nov. 5 that two Middle Eastern men came into to rent a room and she took them upstairs to see it. They hemmed and hawed, but ultimately declined to rent the space.
When they left, she discovered that two phones left at the front desk worth a combined 24,500 baht were gone.

Siriwan checked security cameras and discovered that while she was upstairs, a third foreigner with a face mask came in, rummaged through the front desk, and took the phone, escaping before she came back downstairs.

Pattaya police chief Pol. Col. Kullachart Kullachai said investigators tracked the suspects using public CCTV cameras.
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