Pattaya police hunt drunk cop who ran checkpoint

A dozen Pattaya police officers stand baffled in front of Pratamnak Soi 5 where the battered Toyota Altis was found, but there was no sign of the driver.

Pattaya police are hunting for a suspected drunk police officer who ran a checkpoint and hit several other cars before ditching the vehicle on Pratamnak Hill.

Police found the Toyota Altis parked on Pratamnak Soi 5 Nov. 22 after it blew through a checkpoint in central Pattaya. There was no sign of the driver.

The car was outfitted with a police light and radio and had a police sticker on the front. In its escape, the car has grazed several other vehicles. Police said the parked car had a broken mirror and scratches.

Police suspect the driver is a cop and may have been drunk, given that he didn’t stop at the checkpoint, drove recklessly and fled the scene.

Police peer into the car, looking for clues as to the identity of the driver.