Pattaya police finally arrest suspect in motorbike thefts

Pattaya police arrest Itthiphol Jansai on a Si Saket arrest warrant and is suspected of stealing dozens of motorbikes in Pattaya over the past 3 months.

Dozens of motorbikes have been stolen in the Pattaya area over the past three months, but the only suspect arrested has been a man wanted for theft in Si Saket nine months ago.

Chonburi police, speaking for the Pattaya police station, announced on Oct. 28 the arrest of Itthiphol Jansai, 42, on an arrest warrant issued in January.

The Ubon Ratchathani native was caught with a Thai-made gun and bullets in Wonderland Village in Naklua.

He was arrested only after police responded to a domestic dispute and found a gun at the residence. After he was processed did they discover the warrant. He also flunked a drug test.

The warrant accuses Itthiphol of stealing bikes and shipping them to Laos. To date, Pattaya nor Banglamung police have made any arrests in the dozens of cases of motorbike theft during curfew hours since July.