Pattaya parking thug held for kicking car in Walking Street

A policeman breaks up an argument between Pranot Ketthong, a South Pattaya street thug (left) who kicked Adisak Rachom’s car because he parked it in his “private” space.

A South Pattaya street thug was detained for denting the car of a Thai man who had the audacity to park in the wrong place.
Adisak Rachom, 25, filed a police report April 26 that his Nakhon Ratchasima-registered Nissan March was damaged by Pranot Ketthong, 47 after a nasty argument over parking spaces.

Adisak said he was dropping off his brother, who works on Walking Street, and parked by the Pattaya Beer Garden. That irritated Pranot who, Adisak alleged, illegally “assists” people in parking, collecting a fee for the free parking in public spaces.
Adisak wouldn’t pay so threats were made and Pranot kicked the Nissan until it was dented, according to the police report.

Adisak Rachom points to the dent on his car after Pranot Ketthong the street thug kicked it to prevent him from parking at a certain spot in Walking Street.

Police rounded up Pranot who tried to convince officers he was helping them by managing traffic. He also has it out for Bolt ride-hailing app drivers and says they often try to park where Adisak did.
No charges were prosecuted, but Pranot was persuaded to pay Adisak an unspecified sum to cover damage to his car.