Pattaya officials play blame game as dead trees remain on Jomtien Beach

City officials from different departments argue as to who is to blame for the tree stumps left standing on the beach walk way.

Pattaya officials have left the stumps of dead trees on Jomtien Beach as they haggle over who is to blame for their death.

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Rather than simply dig up the stumps of the dead trees they already cut down, Environment and engineering department officials have spent their time arguing with each other and the contractor in charge of Jomtien Beach’s landscaping overhaul, pointing fingers over who was responsible for the trees dying.

The stumps are now overgrown with leaves and brush having been left unattended for months on end.

Asked Oct. 20 the cause for the trees dying, Pattaya City Engineering Department chief Sutee Tubnonghee had no answer, but said his section delivered a completed Dongtan Beach Phase 2 renovation project in May and it was up to the environmental folks to water the plants.

Beachfront area residents and business said they don’t care whose fault it was, they just want the dead stumps dug up and replaced with live trees and maintained so they don’t die again.

Environment Department officials said the work would begin within a week.

The tall trees and the short stumps stand side by side on Jomtien Beach.


The sign says the beautification project of Jomtien beach at a cost of91 million baht from the 2018 budget to prevent deterioration during 6 June 2019 until 5 June 2021.