Pattaya officials make house calls for Mother’s Day

Nurses check Grandma Chalem’s vital signs and overall health.

Banglamung Subdistrict officials offered checkups and supplies to elderly grandmothers for Mother’s Day.

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Deputy Mayor Narathip Fukreuk led a team of social workers and nurses to Naklang village Aug. 11 to check-in on Chalem Prathumdang, a stroke victim with high blood pressure. She’s recovering and can now provide some self-care.

Peng Utama is given a checkup and receives medical supplies for her personal use.

Nurses gave her a once-over and Narathip presented her with a bag of food and necessities.

They next stopped in on Peng Utama who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, but is otherwise healthy. After a chat, she, too, received a bag of supplies.

Grandma Chalem also receives a bag of medical supplies and amenities.