Pattaya-Nongprue municipality to repair flood-ravaged homes

Nongprue municipality officials inspect the severely damaged wall at the housing estate.

Last Friday’s heavy rainfall in Pattaya and the surrounding neighbourhoods caused widespread damage to both public and private properties. Many roads and homes that were inundated for hours are in need of extensive repairs, not to mention the loss of property and belongings much of which are lost forever.

On August 30, Wanchai Saengnarm, deputy mayor of Nongprue subdistrict, set out to inspect a damaged property in Eakmongkol 4 Housing Estate in Soi Khao Talo after the owner reported that during the heavy rainfall, the wall surrounding his house almost collapsed from the pressure of the flood and mudslides.

On inspection, the mayor found that the intensity of the fast-flowing water and the pressure of the mudslide caused the wall to crack and buckle under the weight.

Wanchai said, “Many housing estates in Pattaya are situated next to undeveloped land with only their walls protecting them from the natural elements. Rainwater seeks to flow on its natural path which in this case is blocked by man-made obstructions, natural mud build-up and piles of garbage dumped onto the empty land.”

The house owner in Eakmongkol 4 Housing Estate points to the huge break in his garden wall.

The deputy mayor instructed the engineering department and the Municipal Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department to urgently address the problem by clearing the area to allow the natural flow of water, prevent mudslides and most importantly to repair the damage to the residents’ walls and property damaged by the force of nature.

Residents can call the Nongprue Municipality on 038-933100 for advice and assistance.

The tremendous pressure of water and mud practically destroyed the concrete structure.