Pattaya neighborhood cultivates mushrooms for cash

Wirat Joyjinda, Chairman of Soi Khopai Community together with Secretary Kantana Pornchai and committee member Supat Tiampoon point at the fruits cultivated in their garden.

South Pattaya residents have added mushrooms to their community vegetable garden to generate extra income.

The Soi Kho Phai Community is cultivating gray oyster and termite and Bhutan fairy mushrooms at the garden next to the neighborhood office. The crops are sold at local markets for 80-150 baht a kilogram.

Community President Wirat Joyjinda said the revenue is used to replenish the local fund behind Soi Kho Phai’s award-winning anti-drug program and other projects. Already the community was growing vegetables and herbs, such as kariyat, kratom and bananas, both for consumption in the neighborhood and as a way to teach residents about agriculture.

The community also launched a mushroom-planting class for interested people to be able to further their careers.

The community farmers proudly show off the greenhouse where the mushrooms are cultivated.

Families in the community also grow various vegetables to generate extra income.

Bhutan fairy mushrooms cultivated in the greenhouse bring extra income for the community.