Pattaya motorbike taxi driver nabs fleeing gold shop robber

Panuwat Malihuan, the motorcycle taxi driver, is all smiles after he captured the young thief who absconded with two very expensive gold bracelets (inset) and brought him and the gold back to waiting police.

An eagle-eyed motorbike taxi driver saved the day when on the morning of June 6, he saw a young man running very fast out of a gold shop chased by salesgirl calling for help. He gave chase and captured the robber, bringing him back to the gold shop where police waited to handcuff him.

Chamaiporn Kulbut, 25-year-old female employee of the gold shop told police that the suspect had requested to see the 5 gold-baht bracelets while there were foreign customers present in the shop. Seizing the opportunity when no one was looking, the culprit snatched the gold bracelets and attempted to flee. She immediately chased after him, calling for help.

Panuwat Malihuan, the 36-year-old motorcycle taxi driver said he witnessed the suspect fleeing the scene and coordinated with a colleague to trap him. Panuwat positioned himself strategically to block the suspect’s path. Although he was uncertain whether the suspect was armed, he felt compelled to stop the thief.

Police identified the thief as Thanakrit Tamonphap, an 18-year-old male from Surin province who confessed to the crime. He stated that his motive was not linked to drug addiction or gambling but rather stemmed from his desire to lead a comfortable life. Due to the high cost of living in Pattaya, he resorted to committing the crime. Police discovered that he had a previous record of property thefts in the city. He is being held for further interrogation.