Pattaya mayor unhappy with Walking Street roadwork delay

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet and his deputies inspected the unfinished road work in Walking Street saying he will not tolerate the month long delay as stated by Provincial Electric Authority.

Pattaya’s new mayor said he wants Walking Street’s repairs done by August, not a month later as the Provincial Electricity Authority announced last week.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet and city council members inspected the construction zone that is the city’s main nightlife district June 20, saying the one-month delay announced June 14 was unacceptable.

Poramet and his staff collected details on what the supposed problems were that would force the PEA’s contractor to take yet another month to finish a job that was supposed to have been finished in December.

Poramet predicted as many as 3 million tourists would visit Pattaya this year, failing to mention that the overwhelmingly majority of those would be Thais.

However, he added, things should improve considerably after July when the last of Thailand’s coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Mayor Poramet said that it’s a disgrace that one of the most important tourist areas which can help revive the Pattaya economy has been neglected and left in ruins.

The Pattaya mayor had better finish building Walking Street before the 3 million tourists start arriving in Pattaya.